Filter AND/OR Logic [NEW]

By default, all filter controls, such as Text Filter, Checkbox Filter, and so on, use AND logic. The AND logic means that the result list meets all criteria within a set of filter and path rules.

But it is possible to change this behavior with a customFilter property like this:

    customFilter: `
        { location } and { place-title } and
        ({ exclusive } or { parking } or { delivery }) and
        ({ family } or { romantic } or { party })`,

    // ... any other DataGrid setting ....

You can use any combination of and, or, and parentheses.

Each parenthesized token, such as { location }, corresponds to a filter control. The value inside parentheses matches data-id property of the control.

There is only one exception: in the case of the Radio Button Filter control, the name property is used instead of data-id.

data-id may contain English letters, numbers, dashes or underscores only.

For example:
<!-- text filter control: data-id="location" -->
        placeholder="Filter by location"
        data-id="location" />

<!-- radio button control uses name instead of data-id -->

You can find working examples in the downloaded archive under /main/6-filters-and-or-logic/.

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